5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Writer’s block is a pain in the bottom, I know. My next blog post will pick back up with what I really want to post, but for now I thought I would share some things about me--because I’m just so interesting.


  1. I was an extra on The Walking Dead. You read that correctly. Back in 2012, my mom and I were on an episode of my favorite show. It was season two, episode 5. You can actually see us too! Within the first ten minutes, you can see my mom and I walk across the screen reacting to a fight that was going on. We were on set for twelve hours and got a chance to meet a couple of the cast members. Shane was my favorite; he was super sweet and kept us laughing.

  2. I’m afraid of butterflies. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But those things are gross to me. They’re pretty to look at, sure. Their colors are vibrant, I’ll admit that. But I don’t like the way they fly. Forgive me for saying this but they fly like they’re all drunk; think about it--they don’t fly straight. And it doesn’t help that I saw this documentary on Animal Planet about a species of butterfly that sucks your blood. Don't believe me? Look at this. You’re welcome.

  3. I was hit by a car when I was three years old. My siblings and I were visiting my aunt and cousins up in Chicago for a month while my mom stayed down here in Georgia. It was the first time she ever left us with anyone besides my grandparents. The week before we were supposed to go back home, my brother and I went grocery shopping with my older cousin, Christa. When we got back, Christa’s dog ran across the street and she ran after him. She told my brother to hold my hand, but his hands were full of grocery bags so I took it upon myself to save the day. It was a little old lady who “hit me” but I also vaguely remember being picked up by my guardian angels to prevent serious injury. I didn’t break any bones either, instead I just had a couple scrapes on the top of my head, legs, and arms. And despite all this happening, I told my mom I wanted to stay when she asked if I wanted her to come get us. I still have the bright yellow Blue’s Clues outfit that I was wearing, and the little stuffed bears that the EMT gave me.

  4. When I become a fan of something, I obsess over it for awhile. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve listened to the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman. My sister and I saw it twice. How can you not love Zendaya with pink hair falling in love with Troy Bolton, and Wolverine singing all in the same movie? But I’ll obsess over pretty much anything. Tarzan is my favorite movie ever, and you can bet that I obsessed over the soundtrack, and I still listen to it. I obsess over cookie dough and all the dessert variations (like a giant cookie-brownie made in a cast iron skillet). I obsess over video games and TV shows and French bulldogs. I’ll have to do another post where I share my favorite movies and TV shows.

  5. I love being sore after a good workout. Okay this one is super weird, I know. But being sore doesn’t bother me. I feel like I’ve earned being sore, I’ve earned that pain and can be proud of myself. Whether it be from a home workout or a two mile job, I kinda like it all. Of course the next morning when I’m stuck in bed and can barely move isn’t very fun, but at least I know I earned a day of being a couch potato. The soreness in my muscles make me feel so proud of myself. Yes, I’m aware of how weird I am. But if you’ve continued reading until right here, what does that say about you?

So there you have it! Now you have some more information about the person behind the blog. I hope this was entertaining to read! I’m interested in knowing more about you guys as well, so I would love for you to drop some facts about you in the comments or find me on my social media and have a chat with me!